Agnieszka Anna Sokołowska

Born, raised and educated in Gdansk, Poland.

Has been evolving and transforming as a photographer since the young age of 14.

Certified MA in Industrial Design at Academy Of Fine Arts in Gdansk, graduated
in 2017. As a multitasking mind of educated designer, she loves all of the creation
process provided in designing/organising the photoshoot. From the storyboard,
mood concept to set design and styling. Treats photography as a holistic, complex
work. Enjoys working with interesting people, especially from different fields
of art, because of the possibility of evoking interesting discussion and boarding
mind with the observations of others sensitives minds.

Like to observe the world and enjoyes all goods provided to us by nature:
light, colours, forms, plants.

Her photography is a mix of portraiture + fashion + conceptual + a bit film inspired.

She focuses strongly on analysing her works, for technical improvement, composition,
light, color and performance. Every next photoshoot treats as a challenge
to improve some skills.

Her aim is to push her photography to the next level, where her photos will show
created reality in the way more like film and paintings do.

Lately started learning to make movies. Already made a few short backstage movies
and short video lookbooks. Focuses on short forms of film now, but definitely
will try to create some longer movie in the future.